an interactive Twitch extension to play GeoGuessr (or similar games) with your audience.#

twitch extension marketplace

source (frontend, backend)
but please don’t look too closely, the code sucks



q: I’m a viewer, how do I use it?
a: Once the streamer starts a round, just pick your guess on the map, and hit submit!

q: I’m a streamer, how do I use it?

  1. install the extension from the twitch extension marketplace here!
  2. from your creator dashboard, activate the extension (Creator Dashboard => Extensions => My Extensions) by picking a component slot to activate it in.
  3. from the Stream Manager, click the “Chat Plays GeoGuessr” button in your Quick Actions panel. a window should open.
  4. once the live config panel opens and the status indicates you’re connected, you can start a round.
  5. the marker on the map will update as viewer submissions come in. (note: if you close the live config panel, the round will be stopped, and current votes will be deleted.)
  6. once enough time has passed, you can stop the round. this prevents the marker from moving further.
  7. enjoy!

q: does this extension automatically submit guesses on geoguessr for me?
a: no. the broadcaster will need to take the position from the map, and submit it on the geoguessr game manually.

q: where do I send bug reports/feedback?
a: email me the details at! please include as much information as possible - when, what channel, what you were trying to do, what any error messages said, and what you were doing preceding the error.

q: I have money I’d like to give you!
a: not really a question, but thanks! the server costs money to host, and if you’d like to help make it more reliable, chipping in on my ko-fi is super appreciated!

q: wait, how are you averaging the guesses? you can’t just average the latitudes/longitudes, since that would throw things off near the poles and international date line!
a: wow, sounds like someone read this gis stackexchange post! but that’s correct, submitted latlngs are first converted to cartesian coordinates. these can be summed and converted back to a latlng for rendering on the map.